How to warm up your winter months with some summer inspiration

With the central heating on, the nights drawing in and the weather looking dismal, summer feels like a very distant memory. If you adore the free-spirited nature of the warmer months and are battling to get through colder times, then here are some simple ways to inject some of that summer spirit into the grey winter months.


Book a city break

The best way to keep your spirits high and inject some sunshine into your life is to book a break to a warmer place. Not only is the additional sunshine great for your spirits but it will also give you chance to break out your summer wardrobe again. Book something several weeks in advance to give you somet

hing to look forward to.

Make the most of weekends

Most people find themselves being far more sociable in the summer with barbecues, garden parties, picnics, days out and holidays creating the perfect social calender. In the winter most of us slow down a little and spend much more time indoors. Make sure you keep your social calender busy and really celebrate your down time. Why not host a dinner party that explores the cuisine from one of your favourite holiday destinations?

Keep colour in your wardrobe

Many of us opt for more colour during the summer, only to focus on comfort in the cooler months. Don’t ditch the vibrant shades just because the sun is hiding. Keep your wardrobe colourful; from your jewellery and accessories to your clothes and shoes.


Bring your travels into your home

Have you been anywhere lately that really inspired you? Use the colours of a particular destination to bring its spirit into your home. Research the artwork, the crafts and the culture. Interior design can be a really fulfilling hobby and will keep you dreaming of far-flung destinations and reliving your holidays.

Keep swimming

If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in the pool or in the beach, then summer can feel synonymous with swimming. Get yourself a membership to the warmest local pool and keep up the swimming habit. Swimming is an ideal form of exercise as it helps keep your limbs toned and gets your heart pumping too. It also gives you a chance to break out your summer swimsuit again.


Nothing says summer like cocktails. Why not host a cocktail party? Either opt for something classy and sophisticated with a black tie dress code and delicate canapés or go retro with a menu that is colourful, fun and brimming with innuendo.

Print your photos

In this digital age we are all terrible for storing our photos online or on devices. Why not make the effort to actually print some of your favourite summer snaps. You could display them on the wall for a constant reminder of your summer or even have them printed into a little book.


Summer beauty

If you treated yourself to a pedicure at the start of the summer but are set for a few months in boots, then why not keep your toes summer worthy? Pretty toes will remind you on beach holidays and sandals. You might also like to get natural highlights to brighten your hair when things feel drab or to brush on a little bronzer for a sun-kissed glow.

The summer may be a long way off, but the feeling of freedom, fun and a slower pace of life can be enjoyed throughout the year. So keep celebrating the spirit of summer and the warm, snuggly winter nights in by the fire will feel even more special.

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