Your essential capsule travel wardrobe


There are plenty of times when a capsule wardrobe is essential. They save us time, as well as money and also often result in a much more stylish and consistent end result. As capsule wardrobes have a common stylistic thread running through them, you can guarantee that your outfit will always look chic. Capsule wardrobes are ideal for travel when space is limited, they are also a great idea when picking a work wardrobe or if you are looking to transform your look but want to do it gradually. They are also perfect if you’ve lost or gained a lot of weight and aren’t ready to buy a whole new wardrobe just yet. Here are the key things to consider when buying your capsule wardrobe for travel:

Start with what you have

Go through all of your clothes and pick out the ones that you want to include. Your capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to start from scratch. If there are any key pieces that you adore then put them to one side and let them be the starting point of your capsule wardrobe. If there is a key colour palette or style going on, then you might like to use that as a foundation. Ideally, you’ll select clothes that can be worn with other items in a number of different ways.


Pick a colour palette

The idea of sticking to a colour palette is that everything in your suitcase will match, so you can wear any number of combinations. Pick a small selection of main (or neutral colours) and a couple of accent colours. eg.

Navy blue, cream, grey and black with baby blue and pale pink accents.

Black and white with silver and red accents.

Dark grey, pale grey and cream with red accents.

Camel, chocolate brown and biscuit with fuchsia pink accents.

If you keep the main colours relatively neutral, you can really play around with the accent colours. Build the main items in your capsule wardrobe from your chosen main colours and use the accent colours to select versatile accessories such as a handbag that can work for both daytime and evening wear or a ring shawl that looks glamorous in the evening but also can keep you warm during flights.

Make a list of styles that suit you

If every list you find on capsule wardrobes says to include skinny jeans, but they shorten your leg and don’t flatter your hips then you really don’t need to include them. There are no hard and fast rules about capsule wardrobes. They do take a little planning, but it is all worth it as you will spend so much time in planning outfits. Think about the shapes and styles that suit your figure and use these as a basis to build your capsule wardrobe.


Select your key items

An example of a simple and stripped back capsule travel wardrobe would be:

  • a jersey cotton vest top in black

  • a fitted v-neck t-shirt in white

  • a navy and white striped bardot top

  • a fitted blue denim shirt

  • a slouchy black cashmere jumper

  • a dove grey coatigan

  • a fitted black blazer

  • a little black dress

  • a black A-line skirt

  • navy skinny jeans

All of these items can be matched together in a number of different ways to create an endless array of different looks.

This is a great starting point and can be built on to suit your individual style preferences and the sort of holiday that you are venturing on. If you anticipate a lot of elegant restaurants then you may like to add a couple more dresses and perhaps some less casual tops. It’s also worth including two different pairs of shoes for walking and something more glamorous for the evening. Perhaps some black ballerinas, some white lace-up pumps and a pair of black stilettos. It is also worth including some bright accents to keep your style interesting and varied. If you want to save on space but still add colour then makeup is a great way to mix things up too. Pack lipsticks in shades of scarlet, coral, nude and blush pink. Get adventurous with your eye palette.

Key jewellery pieces

The right jewellery can transform an outfit, making the whole ensemble feel beautifully fitted together as well as adding interest and intrigue. When it comes to selecting a capsule wardrobe, don’t forget to include a couple of versatile and wearable jewellery items. Beautiful jewellery will ensure your wardrobe feels fresh and exciting. It also has the added benefit of not taking up too much packing room!

Once you’ve mastered the travel capsule wardrobe then you may decide to try something similar for your work wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe saves a great deal of time and money. If you often find yourself wearing the same tired outfits or resenting the amount of time it takes you to put an ensemble together, then you’ll love the simplicity of a capsule wardrobe and how effortlessly stylish it makes you.

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