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12 Days of Christmas, 12 Butterfly Woven Collars

‘Tis the season to be jolly and generous. Adopt a ‘one for me, one for you’ attitude and shop all 12 beautiful colourways of our best-selling necklace – the Butterfly Woven Collar. Loved by reality TV stars Hannah Elizabeth and Amber Turner, this statement design will act as the perfect finishing touch to your party outfits or evening gowns. Each collar offers a soft woven neck piece that can be adjusted with the easy belcher chain and lobster clasp. Colours vary from deep winter hues to soft pastels perfect for... Read More

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Best winter skincare secrets

The winter months are just a great excuse to get a new wardrobe and to dig out your favourite boots, they also mean rethinking your skin care regime. Harsh winds, cooler weather and central heating can all take their toll so it’s important to really nurture your skin during this time. Moisturise It’s very easy to fall into the trap of using the same moisturiser all year round. In the summer months you’ll need something lighter, whereas the winter months demand a richer cream. It is still vitally important that... Read More


How to warm up your winter months with some summer inspiration

With the central heating on, the nights drawing in and the weather looking dismal, summer feels like a very distant memory. If you adore the free-spirited nature of the warmer months and are battling to get through colder times, then here are some simple ways to inject some of that summer spirit into the grey winter months. Book a city break The best way to keep your spirits high and inject some sunshine into your life is to book a break to a warmer place. Not only is the additional... Read More


How to power dress and still look feminine

It’s hard to hear the term power dressing without conjuring up an image of 80’s bouffant hair, killer heels, sharp shoulder pads and a tasteless suit. As women it can feel as though we are constantly battling for equality, and the workplace in often where we see the gender divide most vividly. With differences in opportunity, as well as pay cheque it is important for us to ensure we are taken seriously. For a man to dress the part, it is much more straight forward. A well-tailored suit and a... Read More


How to ensure you eat more superfoods

The term superfoods has been a buzz word for some time now, and the trend is still gaining strength. But what exactly are superfoods? Do they do all they promise and how do can we realistically add them to our diets? With today’s busy lifestyle meaning that most of us are starved of time how easy is it for us to add another dietary craze into our day? Superfoods are far beyond a fad. In reality, superfoods are simply foods that are especially nutrient-rich. These include: salmon blueberries spinach sweet... Read More


How to create a health regime that you’ll actually stick to

We all know the basics; we are fully aware that we should be drinking more water, exercising more, eating a more balanced diet and cutting back on alcohol. We understand the health benefits and would love to feel and look more radiant. However, real life often gets in the way of even the best intentions and before we know it we’re slipping back into old habits. How do you adopt a new health regime and stick to it? Set realistic goals Research shows that it takes 21 days to form... Read More


Your essential capsule travel wardrobe

There are plenty of times when a capsule wardrobe is essential. They save us time, as well as money and also often result in a much more stylish and consistent end result. As capsule wardrobes have a common stylistic thread running through them, you can guarantee that your outfit will always look chic. Capsule wardrobes are ideal for travel when space is limited, they are also a great idea when picking a work wardrobe or if you are looking to transform your look but want to do it gradually. They... Read More


How to create this season’s hot makeup looks

When it comes to makeup; most of us know what suits us, what we like and what works. Trending makeup can feel too adventurous sometimes. However, a brand new season is the ideal time to experiment a little, to mix up your look and to try something new. So many people get stuck in a makeup rut. This season’s hottest makeup looks are exquisite and offer us all the perfect chance to dabble a little. Dark lip colours This is a beautiful look that we can thank Louis Vuitton and... Read More


This season’s essential movie viewing

  The autumn and winter months are the ideal time for cinema trips. The nights are drawing in, the evenings are getting cooler and the idea of sitting out under the stars has lost some of its appeal. Whether you are looking for something for a date night, girls night or even a family cinema trip; there are lots of great titles to keep an eye out for this season. American Pastural Starring Ewan McGregor, this adaption of Philip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is also McGregor’s directorial debut. The film... Read More


What to wear this season – wearable fashion from the AW16 catwalks

As much as we adore the catwalk, most of the outfits are perfect for admiring from afar but would seem less appealing if we introduced them into our everyday lives. Here are the hottest trends this season and some simple ways to introduce them into your own wardrobe in a wearable fashion: The coat This season there is a coat for everyone; from the timeless trench coats as seen at Valentino to Roberto Cavalli’s floor-sweeping velvet numbers. If you are after something a little edgier then you might be inspired... Read More